Marité Cárdenas’ research group

My research group studies biomolecular interactions in solution and interfaces with applications in medicine and food industry

Typical questions we want to answer include:

1. What is the structure of lipoprotein particles and how does it relate to the binding to blood vessel components?

2. What is the physicochemical behavior of lipid mixtures and how it relates to real cell membranes?

3. How does lipid composition regulate the function of a membrane protein and how does it modulate supra protein interactions?

4. How can we design efficient lipid based nanoparticles for drug and gene delivery?

5. How can we make real vegan cheese?

We work with a range of physico-chemical and analytical techniques include: CD and UV-Vis spectroscopy, Atomic force microscopy, Light, X-Ray and neutron scattering, Neutron reflectivity, Surface force apparatus, ellipsometer, quartz crystal microbalance, Surface balance with LB-deposition, differential scanning calorimetry, isothermal calorimetry, fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy, NMR and MS.

Where are we?

The group is situated at FORSKAREN, Malmö University’s building for research and open lab spaces. Nicely situated in front of the shopping center Mobilia, a short walk from Triangel train station.

Here we have access to a wide variety of surface sensitive techniques, anaytical techniques including FPLC, HPLC both at analytical and preparative level, NMR, MS, among others. We are regular users of large scale facilites for neutron and X ray scattering.

Our research is funded by the Swedish Research Council, Interreg HALOS, KK-Foundation, NovoNordisk Foundation and the Craaford Foundation-